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No. Q-020 -- Audit Techniques (No. 2)

Q :

There is a contract to implement a clause in a Management System Standard. The
procedure says the customers should sign the contract but does not say that the
Company needs to sign on it as well. The record form shows that there should be
signatures for both parties. The auditor found that there was one contract with
customer's signature only but does not bear the Company's authorized signature.

Is this a violation of that particular clause in the Standard ?

A :

You have not mentioned which standard you are using. We should judge
a Nonconformity by referring to what is required by the Standard.

Assuming you are talking about ISO 9001, then it needs a Company to review the
contract requirement and so a signature (or equivalent) is required.

So if ISO 9001 is concerned, eventhough their procedure does not say so, it is
a nonconformity if the Company does not sign the contract
or not sign the contract review form.

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