N. Law & Associates Company Limited

Why N. Law and Associates?

We have served over 200 clients who are in the fields of information technology, consultants, architects, engineering, civil/building construction, health & medical, trading, tunnel & estate management, telecommunications, power generation, transportation, oil & petroleum, manufacturing, printing, airport operations, banking & finance, public utilities and Government organizations.

By checking our client list, it is very probable that you will find companies you know or companies doing similar business as what you do. So our previous experiences are always relevant to what you need. This is often the main reason for a company to use us as the consultant.

We have professionals from various disciplines. For ISO 9000 in particular, we have got over 15 years of experience in the use of the standards.

We emphasize on providing quality, responsive and value-added services to our clients. Clients are always satisfied with our service and references can be provided upon request.

Our Clients